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The Amorous Adventures of Big Ben

A story about a very large Shire horse, and how he found love

Meet Barney the wise old owl, whose knowledge knows no bounds, talkative Hetty Hen and neurotic Helen Hedgehog the Parish gossips, Harry the irritable heron, and countless other delightful characters including Ben and Esmerelda, our two Shire horse heroes, in this timeless and heartwarming story of how two wonderful animals finally found enduring happiness.

Insightful, informative and amusing, the story conveys messages on many levels.

Parents and grandparents will appreciate reading it to younger children, while older ones will enjoy being stretched a little to learn new words and concepts and to gain new knowledge. Written during lockdown, this book is conceived with the aim of bringing a little light, hope and balance to the lives of our children everywhere, many badly traumatised and whose fortunes have been so blighted by the Pandemic, as well as many other disasters natural and otherwise, that have occurred in this difficult year. Covid simply doesn't exist in this story - what a blessed relief...!

Elaine Quinn, the talented artist who kindly collaborated by producing the illustrations for this book, painted them with love, also in lockdown, while heavily pregnant and, with her husband Kevin, also juggling homecare for her young son at their home in Northern Ireland. 

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