Take a fascinating journey of Personal Development with The Five Pillars of Happiness

“Happiness is not an accident, it’s something we have to actively choose.”

-Dave Robson

Building your great life is difficult at the best of times, yet my book, The Five Pillars of Happiness (Wizard Publishing) is here to guide you towards a brighter future. The book takes you through a step-by-step process, a journey of self-discovery, in which your life’s purpose can be revealed while you develop your best self and embrace positive thinking. This empowers you to achieve fulfillment and peace of mind, and to crack the self-limiting beliefs that stop you reaching your limitless creative potential. Quite simply, you become a "can do" person.

Embrace Your Potential

5 pillars of happiness

Each of us is born with a unique gift, with all the resources that we need to develop it and thereby fulfil our life’s purpose. We all have this seed within us, even though we may not realise what it is or how to go about cultivating it. By working through this book, you are helped to shift your perceptions so you begin to live more consciously, which in turn empowers you to find, focus, and develop your innate gifts and resources. That way, you start to call the shots with regard to what happens in your life as you become one of life’s participants, rather than a spectator.

If you prefer, you can dip into the book whenever you like, especially if you spot a chapter that’s relevant to your current issue.


The book also contains various exercises which act as a valuable resource you can use to help you facilitate your journey towards a happy life.

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What Reader’s Say

“Help People in Realistic Ways”

“This is a meaty book by anyone's standards and a quality piece of work. Throughout the chapters, Robson's conclusions are based on hard won experience rather than merely on notions and concepts.

“As the author stated himself, this is no quick fix that claims to change your life in five minutes. Instead, deep, lasting and meaningful changes need hard work. This means creating permanent new mindsets and behavioural patterns that need constant monitoring and attention over months and years.

“However, the reader must want to change themselves, and then make practical and pragmatic changes over the time it takes. It is refreshing to read such an honest book that promises nothing sensational, no instant remedies for ingrained and deep problems, but tries to help people in realistic ways.

“Perhaps the book market needs more of this weighty stuff to replace the less sincere and sensationalist material that we have to suffer all too often.” – Andy Myddelton – 27 September 2011

“Fired Me Up”

“The approach taken in this book is to spend time connecting to who you are before setting goals. I found the author's style heartfelt and realistic. What he says fired me up. I caught myself saying in response to sections of text, oh yes that is true, I can do that. He explains the concept of finding 'your maximum creative flow' which led me to believing that if I have the courage to do what I enjoy doing then my creative flow will come easily.

“This is a big comprehensive book on life coaching with chapter summaries and exploratory exercises. I found the sections that cover how to deal with 'not knowing what you want', and how to understand my resistance to taking action particularly useful.”

 - Richard Cole - 20 October 2010