The Art of Personal Transformation

About Me

My work is about helping people transform their lives,  mainly through the books, articles and free e-newsletter that I produce. These are the powerful tools in my armoury. I also teach meditation.

All my life I have lived in London, but a couple of years back I moved with my wife and dog to a village in Wiltshire. Here I can write to my heart's content, and this has been especially valuable during lockdown. I discovered it's true what people say - if you follow your heart you will discover you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed of, and your life will become a flow.

I've always been a writer but now I can pursue it full time, and as a result I enjoy life doing what I love and loving what I do. I sincerely hope this is reflected in my material, and that some of my simple enjoyment of life will rub off on my readers.

I have other passions too, especially sailing, woodworking and wood turning, music and reading. Currently my biggest challenge is learning to play the piano, but nothing gives me greater joy than to share what I have learned through writing. I’ve been around the block a few times and I have a lot of valuable stuff to impart, especially if you’re someone who wants to find true happiness by living more consciously - that is to say, completely in accordance with the dictates of your heart.

I have traveled a path of personal development and transformation for many years. The books I have published, based on the knowledge and experience I have gained over many decades, are designed to help people see things from a fresh point of view. 

My latest book, The Amorous Adventures of Big Ben, is especially designed to give children a lift because they have been having such a hard time recently, and not only because of Covid. The huge explosion in Beirut, the many conflicts around the world, natural disasters and extreme weather events have brought untold trauma to a whole generation. Children always seem to get caught in the crossfire. My hope is that this story will shed a little light and hope for them.

You can order the book direct from TSL Publications. Just click here.