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The Love of Life

When life gets you down, look at the amazing miracle that you are.


The love of life

“To life, to life, lechayim!” as the actor Topol, recently deceased, used to say.


Absolutely agree 100% with his sentiment expressed in that heartfelt toast.


We all have our ups and downs, some more extreme than others, but I can’t help noticing the more full-bloodedly you enter into life, grab it by the throat and live as totally as you can, the more extreme those ups and downs can be. But even if you are feeling suicidal, stop and reflect for a moment and see what an amazing miracle life is, and what a gift.


The beauty of the toast, “to life,” is especially poignant because it can apply to anyone from any religious or irreligious persuasion, any nationality, any racial or ethnic origin or any political tendency. It’s a toast that can unify us all.


And when all said and done, we are all members of the human race and although individually we might divert in our opinions, a litle unity in this polarised society of ours would do wonders in healing the wounds our bitter divisions cause so many of us bear. We are one body and we live on one planet.


Maybe next time I feel someone making me feel uncomfortable, I could search instead for what we have in common. There’s always something that can bring us closer.


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