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About Me

My work is about helping people transform their lives,  mainly through Life Coaching. The books, articles and free e-newsletter that I write are further powerful tools in my extensive armoury. I coach people face to face in the office at my home near Salisbury, or if you live too far away we can converse by 'phone or via Skype.

That idea may sound impersonal but many of my clients do it and, most important, the results are just as effective. You still get the same support and there are many other advantages, the obvious ones being you eliminate time and money spent on travelling.

As a well seasoned, qualified  Life Coach I have many techniques, tools, tips and tricks gathered from a wide variety of sources (not just from coaching ) over many years to help you overcome the blocks that hinder you when aiming for your goals or to resolve personal issues that also hold you back. The result - you will discover you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed of, including achieving whatever your heart desires, and tailoring your life so it's exactly how you want it to be. The kind of people I work with want nothing less than personal transformation. 

How can I be so sure that my approach works so well? Because everything I do is tried and tested, first on myself and then on my clients. I myself had many sessions in Psychotherapy and Life Coaching  in years gone by and I honestly believed my "case" would be impossible to crack. I actually believed that nothing good ever happened to me, I was a serial under-achiever and I was destined to continue with a life of misery, dissatisfaction and depression.

But thank heavens I transformed my life beyond recognition, thanks to the help and support I received during those dark times, and now I enjoy my life doing what I love and loving what I do, so I know it's possible if you go about it in the right way and don't try to make it alone. Even achieving goals can be easy, once you know how and you develop a suitable mindset.

I coach because I love watching people flower, and I write because it's my most powerful and effective way to express myself. Nothing gives me greater joy than to share what I have learned. I’ve been around the block a few times and I have a lot of valuable stuff to impart, especially if you’re someone who wants to find true happiness by living more consciously - that is to say, completely in accordance with the dictates of your heart.

Do what you love, love what you do, that's my motto.

As a life coach, author and sailor, I have traveled a path of personal development and transformation for many years. The books I have published, based on the knowledge and experience I have gained over many decades, are designed to help you transform your life, pure and simple. They focus on personal development, positive thinking, and developing a suitable mindset which will help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

I never promise a quick fix. I'm the first to admit it takes hard work, determination and commitment to transform your life, but as you start to see results you will realise that the effort is so worth it and the "work" becomes joyful.

I've practiced many forms of meditation over the years and spent some time as a disciple of the late Indian guru, Osho. The amazing things I learned and understood naturally influence how I coach, what I teach and what I write,  enhanced as they are by over forty years of experience. Living true to myself is what I try to do.


The following pages describe a little more about me and what I get up to, to  help others transform their lives as I have transformed my own.

If you think my style of coaching might be for you, why not give me a ring to discuss your needs. My number is 01722 505495. Or you can e-mail me to

My book , The Five Pillars of Happiness, shows you step by step how to transform your life. Order from Amazon.

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