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Our answer to the energy crisis

Our answer to the energy crisis


Clearly, if we love our planet, which I hope we do,  burning fossil fuels to keep warm has no future, never mind the collosal expense nowadays.


Our answer - to invest in a new, more efficient log-burning stove and a huge pile of air dried logs.


Accordingly a man with a tilting open backed truck turned up one morning and dumped a huge, and I do mean huge, pile of logs at the entrance to our carport, as the first picture shows. It took me eight days to stack them neatly as in the second picture, so they can dry some more until needed, while remaining out of the way.


Doing that stacking really felt like a meditation, I did four wheelbarrow loads a day until all 32 loads had been stacked, trying not to overdo it because I have to acknowledge I'm getting on a bit now and it was backbreaking work.


So satisfying though. When I'd finished I had the most wonderful glow of satisfaction, which I had not expected. My heavens it was tiring though, and for every one of those eight nights it took to do the stacking I slept like a log (sorry). It was a painful meditation but I got through it with a little help from my friends (ie paracetomol).


Incidentally, the log burner really is incredible. It warms the room in no time and then if you open the door, the warmth goes right up the stairs to the bedrooms. Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best.





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