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Keeping our dreams alive

What keeps us going in the face of uncertainty?

Keeping our dreams alive

What keeps us going when we face an uncertain future? What keeps us motivated? What enables us to keep our dreams alive?

The love in our hearts is the only possible answer. If I wasn’t passionate about what I’m doing, I would have given up years ago. That’s why I honestly believe, if you want to be truly happy and successful in your own terms, and feel the profound satisfaction of deep fulfilment, there is only one way, and it's a bit of a cliche: “Do what you love, love what you do.” It’s the only solution.

This requires embracing a tremendous act of faith because by definition you’ll be heading into the unknown and the unknowable. If you experience fear at any time along the way it’s because you are attached to a particular outcome, or you fear a repetion of a previous experience, but with sufficient self-belief, which is bound to slowly develop if you follow your true path, you will learn to trust that whatever the outcome, it will be favourable. Remember that failure or rejection is a temporary setback and an invitation to learn and grow some more before you try again. Apply what you learn and eventually your journey will become hugely enjoyable.

If you remember life's an experiment, you will realise there is no such thing as "failure". Either the litmus paper turns blue or it turns pink. That may not be the outcome you wanted or expected, but you have learned something of value.

Here’s the secret: listen to your heart and it will always guide you. Do what you were put on this planet to do and forget about what the outcome might be. Tune in to your inner voice and listen carefully. And if you can’t hear that still, small voice above the clamour of your mental chatter, meditate and witness.

This brings up two important issues: How do I know what my path is or when I've found it? And the acceptence of what is. But those are topics for another post, or maybe two.


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