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Is this bizarre or what?

Sometimes I wonder if it's me that's lost the plot, but I'm not convinced.


There are some strange things going on here, where I am in Brittany. I'm here for a couple of weeks to work on our boat, which we keep in this neck of the woods.


So the other day I went to Mr. Bricolage, a sort of French equivalent to B & Q in England. Where I parked there was a sign saying our shop welcoms you 24/7, which I thought a bit unusual for a DIY shop, and then at the side of the door there was a list of opening hours, which were normal shop hours.


Bizarre, I thought, scratching my head, until suddenly I realised they meant their on-line shop is open 24/7, not at all unusual for a website.


But when I thought about it, it seemed odd to imagine someone saying, "oh dear, I've missed the shop opening hours, I'll have to wait till tomorrow," and then realising, "you know what, I could order it on-line right now and with a bit of luck I might get it by the end of the week so I won't have to wait."


It's as if once we've ordered something it's job done, even though we have not yet got what we wanted. Sometimes the internet ties us up in knots!


Now here's another bizzare thing: the owner of the Airbnb where I'm staying says he doesn't want me to do my own washing up, because he knows how to do it in a way that saves water. So I left my plate and knife and my travel coffee pot on the side where he said and went out. Later I came home. He was out, the washing up had been very neatly done but my coffee pot is nowhere to be seen. Where the hell is it? He won't be home till 2.00 am, by which time I hope to be in the land of nod, and I'll probaly go out in the morning before he wakews up (without my coffee!!! Grrrrr!) and tonight's my last night in this wierd establishment. It's a complete mystery.


Incidentally, this bloke won't let me wear any kind of shoes in his flat except some rubber sandals he keeps by the door. I can understand this in Japan, where many places have delicate tatami flooring, but this place has the blandest vinyl you have ever seen. Hardly Buckingham Palace.


As someone who doesn't like being told what to do, this is extremely challenging...



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