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Celebrating a negative result!

Usually I look for a positive result, but this time more than anything else I wanted a negative result...



Celebrating a negative result


"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" I am so happy and so in awe of my amazing immune system which has vanquished the dreaded bad guy, the covid-19 virus, from my body in only four days!


That which on Tuesday evening was positive (my covid test result), on Friday morning was negative and it felt like being let out of jail, for now I would be able to resume my active membership of the human race. In other words I could go out and ressurect my social life.


Usually, as a life coach, I'm in search of positive results, but this time what I wanted above all was a negative result! And I'm so grateful because that's exactly what my clever and wonderful immune system has delivered for me.


There's always a silver lining. Now it's time to celebrate.



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