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Can animals meditate?

Can animals meditate?

I have often wondered if animals can or do meditate, and a while ago, in the park with our dog Dafka, I realised they don't have to because they are naturally, automatically in the moment already. It's like a default setting.


We humans have to make the effort to remain mindful and present because we are constantly distracted by the hyperactivity of our minds. Thoughts and distractions bombard us constantly, but as I threw a tennis ball for her to retrieve time and time again for at least half an hour without stopping, it was obvious Dafka was completely focused on the ball and her task of chasing it and bringing it back to me to throw again.
Nothing else took her attention, not people passing by, not even other dogs. There was no distraction. What a role model!
Talking about meditation, the following quote from Osho recently landed in my inbox:
"Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel you are vibrating with a new frequency, feel you are swaying as if you are in the ocean of love. Create vibrations of love energy around you. And you will start feeling immediately that something is happening, something in your aura is changing, something around your body is changing; a warmth is arising around your body... a warmth like deep orgasm. You are becoming more alive. Something like sleep is disappearing. Something like awareness is arising".
Ever the poet was our Osho. Sounds like good advice. Maybe we should try it. Certainly our dog is all heart. She radiates love, even towards complete strangers, and everyone seems to love her. She must be doing something right.


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