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A revolution of the heart

How can we re-establish the connection with our hearts that so many of us have lost, and why bother?

A revolution of the heart

Many of us have lost touch with the connection we had with out hearts when we were born, but we can learn to re-establish that connection.

By doing that you empower yourself to hear the still, small voice of your heart and follow it’s unerring guidance as we make our ways through the ups and downs of life. This in turn automatically means you will find the courage to follow your true path without hesitation so your life becomes joyful and meaningful, while inner and outer conflict seem to melt away.

I am not advocating you forget about your brain, by the way, but rather the idea is to develop a more healthy and fruitful heart/ mind balance, so then you have two powerful tools instead of only one at your disposal. Your intuition or gut instinct, and of course your life experience, will let you know how to adjust that balance appropriately for each situation or decision as it arises.

When you follow your true path, you begin to shape your life so it becomes exactly how you want it to be. Great opportunities will come your way and your life becomes filled with meaning and purpose. That’s why I advocate a silent revolution, a revolution of the heart, so we may live more harmoniously, both as individuals and together.

How to reattune with your heart, and how to know when you find your true path? That's what this blogs is all about. I hope the posts that follow as it develops will help to show us the way.


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