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Life Coaching is a powerful tool that you can use to transform your life

Sometimes we have a vague idea of what we want or where we want to go, but not much of a clue of how to get there. Often it's about identifying your first step and finding the courage to make a start.

A good coach helps you identify the goals that are most meaningful to you, points you in the right direction, shows you strategies for overcoming the blocks that hold you back, assists you to light your inner fire, and encourages you to stay on track. Also very important, he or she will support you on your journey without judgement, and encourage you to follow through by taking the actions that you have chosen, to make your dreams come true.

Almost certainly you will find that once you get going on a path that makes your heart sing, your motivation and enjoyment will grow and flourish almost by themselves!

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you achieve the life you yearn for, please 'phone me on 01722 505495 to discuss your personal goals or issues and a strategy for going forward, in complete confidence of course, or drop me an e-mail to   This will enable you to get a feel for my style of coaching and decide if it would suit you.

Recently I moved to a village near Salisbury after a lifetime of living and working in London, but many of my London clients still want the support they get from coaching with me even though I've moved, and they are now happily reaping the benefits by having their sessions over the 'phone or via Skype. That means if you live too far away to come for coaching sessions in person, or you just want to save travelling time and expense, distance is no object for you can do the same. It's up to you.

You are welcome to 'phone me now on 01722 505495, or e-mail me to

My life-changing book, The Five Pillars of Happiness, is currently available at a great price on Amazon.